About Us

Wolff Wire is a universal work space accessory system that can be used with almost all conventional office furniture panel systems, conventional walls (such as gypsum board, wood paneling and concrete block), and on desktops as freestanding components.

Wolff Wire workspace accessories are ideal for the office, home and manufacturing plant because they're durable, functional, versatile, economical ... and widely applicable.

  • constructed of high-quality rigid steel, formed and welded to exacting standards
  • will not warp, crack, sag or break like most plastic parts
  • do not impair acoustical properties of sound-absorbing wall materials
  • V-Beam can be relocated with contents intact
  • Locking End Caps reduce the risk of disengagement
  • accessories can be inserted as either right- or left-handed components
  • both new and traditional accessories can be used on any V-Beam, past or present
  • nearly any color can be produced on any product
  • can be used on more than 15 office furniture manufacturer's panel systems, any conventional wall material, or on the desktop