How to Install

Typical installation time for V-Beams is less than 2 minutes!
Tools required: One 5/32" Allen wrench, which is provided.


Panel Install Diagram

Step 1: Insert inner end caps at desired height for components.

Step 2: Insert V-Beam as shown above. Note: On the correct "up" edge, the curved loops of the "V"s should be up

Step 3: Insert outer end cap (locking tab prevents accidental disengagement).

Step 4: Loosely assemble one Locking End Cap outside cover to notched inner end cap bracket. (Left side Locking End Caps are different than right.)
Note: Be sure the correct Locking End Caps are used with the correct panel system (Steelcase Locking End Caps differ from Herman Miller's).

Step 5: Securely bolt outer end cap with Allen bolt, using Allen wrench provided.


Panel Install Diagram

Step 1: Locate an area of solid backing such as wood or metal studs. Measure down from the top of wall or ceiling.

Step 2: Loosely attach one Wall Mount End Cap to the wall at the desired height using an appropriate anchor ing bolt or screw. Customer must furnish appropriate mounting screws and anchor.

Step 3: Insert one end of V-Beam into the attached Wall Mount End Cap.

Step 4: Repeat this process at the other end and tight en the Wall Mount End Cap bolts or screws. Insert workspace accessories as desired.

V-Beam Support Bracket - included with Wall Mount End Caps - may be placed in the center of the V-Beam to provide additional support.