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How To Find The Right Divorce Lawyer In Bella Vista


When relationships start to break down it can be very stressful for all parties involved. You should be looking for legal representation as early as possible to ensure that all of your bases are covered. Marriage separations are becoming more and more common and from such there is a large demand for good divorce lawyers in Bella Vista. However, when you try to do Google search you are bombarded with hundreds if not thousands of results. When you are in a really stressful situation it can be hard to spend the time and effort to find the right divorce lawyer in Bella Vista for you.

If this situation sounds all too familiar you may need that extra helping hand to find your representation. Below we have created a short and sweet guide to help you find the solicitor that is right for you.


Start you search early

Starting your search early is one of the most important things that you should be doing to ensure that your case is set up from the beginning. If things start to take a turn for the worst, you should definitely seek the advice of a divorce lawyer in Bella Vista as soon as possible. Looking for advice from a professional is not admitting defeat in the slightest. It is to ensure that you are covered in the events that things do go down that path where you will have to separate.

You should also consider that if you are thinking about getting the advice of a divorce lawyer in Bella Vista the other parties are also thinking the same thing. Being put in the position to find representation without notice can make the situation a lot worse and escalate the severity of the situation.


Speak with your friends and family

More and more marriages are ending in separation these days which means that it is likely that you have friends or family members who have been through similar situations. If you do know someone who has been through the same, you should be asking what firm they went with and how the experience was. Obviously, it would have also been a very stressful time for them as well so understanding how empathetic and comforting the divorce lawyer in Bella Vista was is reassuring.

If they were really happy with their conduct and performance, you should make a note of it and add them to a list of potential firms you could choose.


Start looking

After you have a few recommendations you also need to do your own study to find more candidates for yourself. This means sitting down and spending time looking for local firms that specialise in the field that you are dealing with. The field of law is a very large one and from such you want to be selecting a professional who is familiar with separation. Their experience and expertise will be unparalleled compared to representing yourself or someone who specialises in a different field.

On your search you should be looking through multiple websites and social media pages. Social media is a great avenue to look at reviews and past clients who have used the particular firm.

divorce papers


Have a chat with them

Before you make your final decision on a divorce lawyer in Bella Vista , it is highly recommended that you have a chat with them first. This can either be done over the phone or in person. A lot of firms offer free initial consultations which gives you the chance to meet them in person  and ask them questions about anything you have on your mind.


Can Clients Gain Anything From Family Lawyers in Sydney Providing a Free Consultation?

gavel inside the law court

gavel inside the law court

It is refreshing to see family lawyers in Sydney providing a free consultation, but are they are valuable exercise for spouses during a tough separation?

Legal costs can easily spiral out of control if a matter escalates and when this occurs, individuals can go bankrupt to make a bad situation worse.

Fortunately Unified Lawyers offers a service to the community and when they extend their expertise, it is worthwhile taking advantage.


Addressing Key Legal Concerns

Unified Laywers providing a free consultation have their doors open to provide a community service, but these talks can alleviate a great amount of stress and anxiety about potential legal exposure. This could arrive in the form of domestic or child abuse charges to blackmail, bank fraud or another matter that will be handled more broadly within the realms of the criminal justice system. Just by having these initial talks, individuals can understand what potential risk or exposure they might face whilst being protected by disclosing these details to a solicitor.


Affirming Client Rights

lawyer-client talking

One of the key facts that a spouse might not be aware of are the rights they are afforded under the law. This can only become clear if individuals decide to take advantage of Unified Laywers providing a free consultation. They could have been made to believe by the other spouse that they have no visitation rights, that there is a restraining order already issued or that certain debt and household assets are listed in their name when they have not been. Clarifying those details is of paramount importance.


Understanding Circumstances of Other Spouse

Couples who have recently separated already know a great deal of information about their former partner. Yet engaging with family lawyers in Sydney providing a free consultation can help to clarify some key details about their status, their frame of mind and potential future maneuvers in the legal system. Just with the admission of a few details about what has been said, what has occurred and any paperwork that has been filed, solicitors can begin to develop a picture and present some scenarios about likely and unlikely future actions.


Using Contacts For Specialist Help

Family lawyers in Sydney providing a free consultation might not end up being the right party to oversee a legal matter of this type. If there is a case of domestic abuse or there are circumstances where a spouse has moved out of the city limits, then that can be a setting where other professionals should intervene. It could also introduce mental health experts for feelings of depression and anxiety to real estate agents to place a premises on the market for sale. These firms are in a position to make a judgment on what is required and engage that next action as soon as possible.


Expertise at Zero Cost

When discussing whether or not a client can gain anything from family lawyers in Sydney providing a free consultation, the free element should not be lost on citizens. These professionals usually come at a premium when accessing their expertise, outlining options and gathering evidence that will help provide a satisfactory outcome. The fact they are willing to open their door and provide a service to the local Sydney community is a scenario that should make individuals stand up and take notice. Legal cases can be drawn out and incredibly costly, so the more information and progress that can be gained without having to pay for the privilege – the better!



It is not always easy to find family lawyers in Sydney providing a free consultation but when they are identified, clients should take advantage of these opportunities. Even a 30-45 minute discussion can shed a great deal of light on a case and provide a basic framework for future action.



Most Common Offences Handled by Parramatta Criminal Defence Lawyers

Unfortunately, Parramatta criminal defence lawyers have to deal with a range of offences on a regular basis. These range from minor traffic offences to instances of violence and drug dealing.

Some of the major contributors towards violations of the constitution are drugs and alcohol, mental illness and a lack of social support/cohesion. There are a range of ways in which we can prevent violence and other offences from occurring in Australia, such as dealing with socioeconomic inequality, implementing good public health policies (including prevention policies) and strengthening local communities. 

This article will examine the top 15 most common offences that criminal defence lawyers encounter.




The most prevalent offence is theft. It is all too easy for a person to steal a bike (especially one that isn’t locked up) or to take something from a person’s bag. Shoplifting is also a common occurrence.



Vandalism is the second most frequently-occurring misdemeanour. The police frequently charge people who have produced graffiti, drawn on walls, keyed a car or cut car tires.


Alcohol misuse

Parramatta criminal defence lawyers often deal with cases involving the irresponsible use of alcohol. The underage purchase, consumption or possession of alcohol, the provision of alcohol to an underage person and the possession of an open bottle of alcohol are all common offences.


Breach of peace

Examples of typical disorderly conduct offences include indecent exposure (such as flashing a person), swearing at a person, and fighting in a public place.


Minor assault

The most frequent cases of minor assault that Parramatta criminal defence lawyers deal with include bullying to the point of assault, pushing or shoving a person, and physical fights between children and their parents.


Marijuana possession

The possession of marijuana and the smoking of it in a public area are the most typical offences that the police charge people with.


Tobacco offences

While smoking tobacco is generally considered legal in Australia, there are certain instances where it is not. The most common tobacco misdemeanours are the provision of tobacco to underage people and the consumption of tobacco at school.


Violating curfew

Curfew violations are common offences that Parramatta criminal defence lawyers work with – these include walking home after curfew or sneaking out of home after curfew.


School offences

Unfortunately, there are a range of misdemeanours which regularly occur in schools across the nation. The most common ones are food fights, violations of the dress code, class disruption, truancy (skipping class, skipping school too often, or violating a court order to go to school) and cheating on exams and assignments.


Traffic offences

Surprisingly, traffic misdemeanours occur less frequently than vandalism and minor assault. The most recurrent traffic violations are speeding, not wearing a seat belt and sitting in the back of a pick-up truck. In cases like this, you surely need the help of traffic offence lawyers in Parramatta.



Common examples of trespassing include walking into a vacant building, private dwelling or area of land without permission, and going into a store in which you have been banned from entering.



Parramatta criminal defence lawyers often get clients who have been charged with cases of being a public nuisance. Things like egging a house, breaking a mailbox or stealing flowers from a private area are all mischief offences.


Drug paraphernalia

Police frequently charge people with the possession of drug apparatuses such as pipes and the use of paraphernalia to grow or consume a substance.



Harassment is another common case that Parramatta criminal defence lawyers have to deal with. Offences such as bullying, making prank telephone calls and taunting others in order to provoke a violent response are all daily occurrences.

Interesting Facts About Custody Lawyers



Separating from a partner is a challenging and lengthy process; this is why there are legal professionals that specialize in custody law. Custody lawyer are there to help you understand custody proceedings and mediate an acceptable outcome for you.

What you may not know is that these legal proceedings are nothing like the ones you see on the TV and in films.

Keep reading to find out some interesting facts that you may not have known about custody lawyer.


Fact 1: Separation requires proof of an irrevocable breakdown of the marriage

Something many couples are unaware of is the fact that you have to wait for a certain period of time before beginning to legally separate. Any custody lawyer in Sydney will inform you that under section 24 of the Family Law Act it states this.

In order for a couple to legally separate, they first need to prove that the relationship is completely over. Essentially, the law requires couples to show an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

It is important to remember, however, that this period does not have to be continuous. The couple may reconcile for up to three months without resetting the separation period. In this situation, the separation period includes the time before, and after the reconciliation.


Fact 2: Child custody is about the child and not the parents

child custody

It is important to understand that separations can be complicated, especially if children are involved. It can be very difficult for your child to deal with your separation, so the main focus is on their needs.

In order to settle a separation, it is important to come to an agreement about what is the best outcome for your children.

It is the job of a custody lawyer to find out what you wish to happen and to come to an agreement about what the best outcome is.

However, you should understand that as a parent, you have no ‘rights’ in regards to your children, only responsibilities. It is also important to note that it is a child’s right to have a meaningful relationship with both parents. This is unless there are any concerns for the child’s well-being.

Essentially, custody matters are always focused on what is best for the child, and not the rights of each parent.


Fact 3: Super is considered as ‘property of marriage’


When it comes to getting a separation, the main goal of a custody lawyer is to ensure that their client gets the best outcome. This involves the division of assets.

In 2002 the Family Court ordered that superannuation be treated as ‘property of marriage’. Essentially, this means that couples can value and split their superannuation as part of a property settlement.

However, splitting this does not convert into a cash asset. Instead, this involves the transfer of superannuation assets between the two accounts.

Although this is something that can be done, many custody lawyer prioritize immediate needs such as cash, which can be accessed immediately over long term rewards such as superannuation.


Fact 4: Separation cases rarely lead to court

Despite what you may have seen in law based TV shows and films, very few separation cases lead to court. Oftentimes custody lawyer will be able to come to an appropriate outcome without the need for this.

However, there are a few other main reasons why these cases rarely go to court:

  • Legal proceedings are expensive
  • Going to court can be time consuming and lengthy
  • It will take longer to come to a final decision
  • The Family Court prefers custody lawyer to come to a mediated outcome over a judicial one


Why Clients Require Assistance From Sydney Family Lawyers



During a painful divorce or a child custody battle, spouses will be left seeking help from people they know to help them find their feet.

For some individuals this will be an arduous process where they will be frantically attempting to get their affairs in order to manage the situation as best they can.

Others will take a more considered approach and look to bring in some legal expertise to ensure their bases are covered.

This is where citizens will need family lawyers Sydney free consultation, wherein a group of city-based firms who are in the market are able to aid and assist their clients under these particular circumstances.

There are instances whereby self representation is utilized as an option for spouses who believe they can fulfill their obligations, file the necessary paperwork and build their case around facts and correct documentation.

However this battle is often lost if there is a certified solicitor in opposition, as the details and intricacies in a family law case can become complex.

The importance of having qualified representation is therefore not lost on many clients who understand why they make the investment and build their case.

certificate of divorce

Let us outline why lawyers are regularly sourced in these matters.

Eliminating Stress

When legal conflicts arise with an adversarial spouse or an abusive partner that escalates the tension and the stress, Sydney family lawyers are available to guide their client through to a calmer scenario. There are situations whereby the client does not even need to be present for certain discussions between the two parties. Even when they are required, the solicitor can speak on their behalf to avoid verbal clashes. In this department, it is valuable to have a specialist to navigate these tricky waters.


Challenge Clients On Certain Points

If the saying “the customer is always right” is evident when it comes to buying items of clothing or food from a restaurant, then that is not the case for Sydney family lawyers. Some clients will arrive with their own preconceptions as to their legal rights and want to venture down an avenue that is not supported by evidence. This is where lawyers can set the standard by challenging their client on ill-advised attitudes and decisions, a facet that is only accepted after the fact.


Walking Clients Through The Process

Transparency is a concept that can be lost on a number of legal professionals as they are more concerned about the final outcome than the nature of the discussions in the lead up to the case. Sydney family lawyers who have a quality reputation in the community, from the North Shore to the CBD, South-West region and Inner West earn that standing through their transparency and ability to walk their client through the steps, procedures and machinations of their filings.


Expertise and Experience

The central rationale behind the hiring of Sydney family lawyers is to bring aboard an individual or a team from a firm that has the profile to win the case. Supported by years of satisfied clients, they will have the background necessary to pressure the opposition and convince a judge or jury that their case holds greater merit.


Asking The Right Questions

Those Sydney family lawyers who can sit across a table and ask the right questions of the opposition and of their own client are worth their weight in gold. From asset distribution to past indiscretions and annual income, there are details that might be overlooked when a judge or jury deliberates on the merits of a case.



Only the client will know if the hiring of Sydney family lawyers is the right step for them. Ideally they will consult with their spouse in a calm and considered manner to think through the ramifications that is brought about by legal action. Yet if this is a path that is confronted, it is valuable to have an experienced and skilled advocate in your corner.

How Property Lawyers in Campbelltown Can Safeguard Their Clients

a couple receiving a key

a couple receiving a key

Property lawyers Campbelltown are utilized by the communities of the greater South-West Sydney region to ensure that their investments and agreements are upheld.


The ability to offer safeguards and legal protections might not be evident for individuals or families who have not experienced setbacks in these scenarios, but having these professionals on hand when problems arise is paramount to avoid any lengthy and expensive conflicts.


From social housing to financing properties and mortgage lending providers, there happens to be a litany of criteria under the banner of property law that must be adhered to.


Solicitors and legal representatives offer coverage for Campbelltown natives including family disputes, health matters, criminal cases, civil rights violations, tax and corporate motions, employment deliberations and more.


The same principles apply to buyers, lenders, sellers and renters who want to maximize their value in this expanding marketplace.


Fortunately there are vital safeguards in place for lawyers representing their clients in this respect, arriving on location with a great degree of expertise.


Undertaking The Conveyancing Duties

Property lawyers in Campbelltown play a vital role when it comes to the preparation and handing over of documents to the relative parties. Whether the representative is helping you in relation to the buying, selling or renting of a particular property, they will be carefully managing the mortgages, the sales contracts and further written documents that will allow the handover to be completed in a timely fashion. Conveyancing happens to be a field all unto itself and this is a practice that a legal professional in the category of property law will defend and uphold on all accounts.


Cater to Variety of Property Profiles

Property lawyers Campbelltown channel their expertise throughout a variety of zones. From residential housing properties to commercial locations, acres of land or high-rise buildings, they engage and practice across the spectrum to ensure that their clients are covered. The majority of cases will see a legal representative called upon in commercial transactions given the complications involved, but residential owners are advised to safeguard their purchase or sale with a licensed lawyer who knows the Campbelltown property market.


Running in Accordance with the Law

Whilst there is a perception that a simple conveyance specialist is better placed and a cheaper alternative to property lawyers in Campbelltown, the reality is that this specialty maintains a greater value through the prism of the law. By evaluating transactions in exact detail, they are able to identify the relevant codes of compliance for buildings, illustrate the terms of a lease agreement and potentially represent their client in court if a conflict arises.


Strong References and Legal Networks

The fact remains that property lawyers in Campbelltown are in a stronger position for their client when the topic of resources emerges. Although a conveyance specialist will be able to manage various paperwork duties courtesy of their real estate practice, there are legal firms that have teams and departments that examine each and every facet of a transaction relating to property. To have that legal training and financial backing might not be the case when relying on a conveyancer to execute the transaction.


People Skills

Our final discussion point on the field of property lawyers in Campbelltown should not overlook one significant intangible quality when safeguarding their clients. This happens to be the capacity to speak with parties on both sides of the fence, to source documentation, to be a strong advocate whilst also pacifying all concerned when conflicts arise. Solicitors need to strike that balancing act when standing in court before a judge or jury and enjoying that strength of conviction is a facet that genuinely provides value for the client. Accessing a professional who can relate and deal with people really counts when investing your faith in a representative.

Steps To Avoiding Major Fees When Sourcing Lawyers in Sydney

lawyers in sydney

Citizens that are left to deal with the legal system can encounter many obstacles, whether they happen to be in the right or not. What will soon become evident is the need to finance a case should you require representation, something that is evident from all regions of the country.

Particularly for a region such as Macarthur close to South West Sydney, lawyers in Sydney will promote themselves as winners with an ability to win for you. Yet there is always a cost to winning, especially in court.

So how can you save money when conducting a search for lawyers in Sydney? Are there techniques and shortcuts that can ensure you’re not bankrupt before a case has concluded?

Fortunately there are some solutions at hand to help in this facet.


Access Free Consultations

Lawyers in Sydney will work like many other industries as they attempt to convince the market that their services are right for them. That enticement can arrive in the form of a free consultation and whilst there is no obligation to sign up on the spot, these discussions can help you grasp a stronger understanding of your situation and the legal tactics you can deploy.


Speak with Local Bar Associations

Lawyers in Sydney will have to be operating as members of a bar association and the Macarthur region will have their own organisation. This is a hub of access and knowledge where attorneys from all fields obtain their qualifications as they access and renew their licensing. As a client you can approach these bodies to seek clarity and information, a tactic that will give a greater indication of your needs than a simple web search.


Seek Out Insurance Services

Depending on your employment situation, some insurance plans will cover for services as you engage lawyers in Sydney. They might derive from a unionised body or be stipulated in the terms and conditions of a particular agreement you have signed up to. Before heading out into the great unknown, sort through your employment and insurance papers.


Search For Pro Bono Professionals

Lawyers in Sydney will be duty bound to spend a certain percentage of their time taking on pro bono cases free from fees for the client. This is a great asset for the community, however your case will have to fit that profile to qualify. Should your grievance or situation tie into that model to be in the public interest, then you can make that appeal to the firms in Macarthur.


Attempt To Reach Quick Solution

Almost all of the lawyers in Sydney that you choose to take on your case will come attached with certain costs – that is simply the price of doing business. With that in mind, should finances be an issue that is front of mind, then it is strongly advised that you seek a legal resolution as fast as possible. Even if that means reaching a compromise or a solution that is not what you originally intended, putting an end to a legal dispute will help you save time, money and emotional stress.



There are other strategies that you can utilities to ensure that lawyers in Sydney are not taking you for a ride financially speaking. You should strive from the outset to have a cost agreement in writing that clearly stipulates terms for all concerned parties. This will act as insurance for yourself should you believe that costs are spiraling out of control.

Should you undertake your search for lawyers in Sydney with a strong degree of diligence, then you will eliminate more candidates who tend to drive up their price through additional fees and disbursements that become evident later.

What can the best criminal barrister in Melbourne do for you?

best criminal barrister Melbourne

If you find yourself in a situation where you need legal representation is can be a really challenging period. Whilst in many cases, the ordeal can be over quickly and without much fuss, when it comes to crime-related cases there is often a lot more baggage that comes with it. That is why you want to find the best criminal barrister in Melbourne.

Of course, many people may think that they do not need to find the best criminal barrister in Melbourne and that anyone will do. However, this is dangerous thinking. Often, the most common reason for this is because of the financial strain. But what if you spend all that money on a cheap lawyer just to get nowhere?

This is why hiring the best criminal barrister in Melbourne is so important. You want to achieve a good result from the case and you want proceedings to be over swiftly. Here are the most important reasons that you should hire the best criminal barrister in Melbourne.


Not only is experience in the law industry important but experience with your particular case is also important. The best criminal barrister in Melbourne is going to have a detailed knowledge of cases like yours and know how to work the evidence in order to get the best result.

They will understand what a “good” outcome is based on the charges, the available evidence and your own criminal history as well as knowing how to put your case forward in the most effective way possible.


There is nothing worse than having absolutely no idea what is going on in your own crime-related case because the chosen lawyer constantly talks in “law terms” or you simply do not receive adequate communication regarding proceedings and developments. The best criminal barrister in Melbourne is going to inform you every step of the way.

Knowing everything that is going on and having an understanding of it helps to keep you calm and relaxed, reducing stress and anxiety regarding the case. It is also extremely helpful because it makes you, as the client, feel more comfortable to inform your lawyer of everything that you know and can be used in the case.


Whilst it isn’t in the definition of what a lawyer is, the best criminal barrister in Melbourne will know how to empathise and sympathise. This is a really important skill as it ensures that you get the most out of each other and can be beneficial for the case.

Having a calm mind and a strong relationship with your chosen barrister makes communication far easier and it also provides them with a deeper desire to succeed as there is now an emotional connection to the case.


The best criminal barrister in Melbourne is going to have a deeper and more meaningful dedication to your case. They treat their clients with more care and take a holistic approach to the case. This means that they worry about your wellbeing and the specific charges taking into account your feelings and what you say.

Ultimately, by having the best criminal barrister in Melbourne there by your side working on the case you are certainly going to achieve a better outcome than if you went for a cheaper alternative. The value of experience and the improved care that you will receive is certainly worth it.

Building a strong relationship with your chosen lawyer is important and the better they are the more time and effort they will put in to ensuring that the relationship remains strong in order to ensure communication channels are maintained. By hiring the best criminal barrister in Melbourne you ensure that you achieve a winning result.


Benefits of Hiring Criminal Defence Lawyers in Sydney

criminal defence lawyers

Should a citizen be up for charges in court relating to criminal convictions, there is no room for error when it comes to the case for the defence lawyers.


From general wrongdoing to instances of threatening or harmful conduct, each and every individual has the right to an attorney that will uphold justice and ensure that all the evidence is put before the court.


The city is a rich environment for criminal defence lawyers in Sydney, seeing a litany of cases come and go annually.


This network can be incredibly hard to analyse from a distance as firms often throw out the same slogans to grab attention in a dense marketplace, making the task for the defendant all the more difficult.


The good news is that there are ways and means of judging the merits of these operations as to how they will build a case and handle their client while they are in their care.


Here we will discuss the benefits of taking on one of the top criminal defence lawyers in Sydney to stand for you.

Procedural Process


What the best criminal defence lawyers in Sydney will have up their sleeve immediately is the patience and knowhow to understand criminal law inherently. Being positioned as a defendant means that a case might have to be built and there will be procedural matters involved from the lodge of an appeal to agreements signed and much more. The best operators will be completely transparent with their client to ensure that they are fully abreast of the developments so that the solicitor is genuinely working on their behalf.

Building the Case


Whether the offence is a minor misdemeanour where the defendant wants to keep a clean record or there is a major case to be had regarding robbery, grand larceny or murder, criminal defence lawyers in Sydney that have been around the block will be able to build the case. From analysing all of the evidence to speaking with witnesses, discussing past behaviour and painting a picture that paints their client in the best possible light, it is highly valued to have skilled solicitors from the city on your side of the fence in these instances.



Defendants that are facing serious charges will generally not be able to articulate their position credibly or be across the technicalities and legalities of the legal process. Criminal defence lawyers in Sydney will know how to pit their wits against prosecutors who are looking at an outcome that suits their agenda. This is where the barrister acts as the voice for the defendant in all possible scenarios.



Those who are facing the full brunt of the law need to be completely across the options they have at their disposal. Depending on what the individual is charged with, criminal defence lawyers in Sydney that have a track record in managing clients can place all of the options on the table and offer a variety of scenarios and likelihoods as they proceed. Here is why solicitors are considered a person’s “council” as they guide them through not just what but the why and the how of the legal process.



In the event that there is a greater than 50% probability of evidence to prove innocence, criminal defence lawyers in Sydney have the resources and background to fight for a not guilty verdict. There will be times when their judgment will advise to plead guilty in the event that a lighter sentence is handed down, yet having that expertise on hand is the reason why citizens require this degree of representation under such a time of immense duress.

Tips for smashing the Bar Exam

When it comes to the bar exam, i.e. the exam that makes you legally allowed to practice law, there is no doubt that you have been studying mad over the last couple of weeks. As the time approaches it is not uncommon to feel added stress or anxiousness.

Here are a few tips that will hopefully ease these emotions and help you to smash the exam.

Know that you’ve done it before

No, you haven’t successfully completed this exact exam before but you have already gone through years of law exams. If you’ve made it this far then you will no doubt be well prepared for the bar exam.

It is important not to let the length of the exam overwhelm you as the process is the same as for any other exam. You have completely many successfully before and this one will be no different. You should have confidence that you have put in the work required to date and it will carry you though well for the exam.

Prepare in advance

This isn’t stating the obvious that you should be studying well before the exam, but that you should have everything you need for the exam well in advance of the actual exam day. This means not leaving things like pencil cases and driver’s licenses to the last minute.

There is no doubt that you will be nervous on the exam day and the last thing you want is to have to be worrying about other things besides the actual sitting of the exam. Pack everything you need the night before the exam and plan to arrive early so that you have some wiggle room for any unforeseen delays.

Create your own bubble

Everyone else completing the exam will be nervous. This often means that you can find people doing some pretty weird and unusual things before the exam. Don’t worry about them, worry about yourself. Focus on you and do whatever it takes to block out the distractions. It may be worthwhile studying in a distracting environment a couple of times in the lead up to the exam for practice.

You don’t get extra points for finishing early

It might seem silly but you should use as much of the allocated time as possible to ensure that you have written the best answers possible. Don’t get spooked by those who leave super early thinking that you also need to do so.

There is always something that can be improved upon and especially your essay. There is always room for additional clarity and punctuation improvements. Take your time, don’t rush and ignore those who finish early.

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