Best Resources To Utilise When Looking To Adopt

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Adoption can be a fun and exciting time, it also tends to be a very long and drawn out process, but the end results is certainly something worth fighting for. These days there are so many different resources and people out there to help you navigate through the world or adoption. If you do choose to adopt, it is a very big step that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and there are a lot of different aspects you need to consider before moving forward.

Throughout the entire process, it can feel like you are walking this alone, and there is no one other there that can help you. But the good news is that these days there are a lot of top family law firms in Sydney and right across Australia that can help make the process of adoption a lot easier for you, and you can fully understand the steps that you need to take and the type of information you need to provide to successfully adopt a child.

Family lawyers are certainly able to help you, but if you are not at that stage yet, then there are a number of different resources that you can utilize to find out more about the process of adoption and everything else that comes with it. Have a read on below for more information about some of the best resources to utilize when looking to adopt:


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Ah, the internet can be a wonderful place, there are a lot of different pieces of information, about every topic imaginable, readily available on the internet. With so much information available, it is important that you only use the best, most reputable sources. There is a range of sources that covers pretty much all there is to know about adoption, on both a national and state-based level.

If you are looking to adopt a child from overseas, then a website called Intercountry Adoption is a great resource to read. Adopting from overseas can be a little bit more difficult because there are the rules and regulations of the other country to consider, and this is where Intercountry Adoption can help.

A website called International Social Service offers important information in relation to legal and mediation advice and services as well. They are a truly international company and do good work in over 100 countries right around the world. They also help provide family tracing services, as well as assistance on child welfare issues.


There are a number of different books that can assist you in this area. If you are struggling to find one that is important to read, start by visiting the Health Line website, as they provide information on good books to read that help you understand adoption better.

Another book that is good to consider is The Colour of Difference, which follows the story of a number of different adoptees of different races. This book can help shine some light on the process and help you get a better perspective of the child that is going to be adopted.

Social Media Groups

You are not the first person (or couple) to adopt a child, and you certainly will not be the last. There are plenty of support groups out there that can help you through this process and even after you finalise the adoption. There are a couple of Facebook groups in particular that are worth joining and being a part of. Adopted in Australia and Inter-Country Adoption Australia, are two really good places to start, you’ll find a lot of useful first hand information here.