Can Clients Gain Anything From Family Lawyers in Sydney Providing a Free Consultation?

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It is refreshing to see family lawyers in Sydney providing a free consultation, but are they are valuable exercise for spouses during a tough separation?

Legal costs can easily spiral out of control if a matter escalates and when this occurs, individuals can go bankrupt to make a bad situation worse.

Fortunately Unified Lawyers offers a service to the community and when they extend their expertise, it is worthwhile taking advantage.


Addressing Key Legal Concerns

Unified Laywers providing a free consultation have their doors open to provide a community service, but these talks can alleviate a great amount of stress and anxiety about potential legal exposure. This could arrive in the form of domestic or child abuse charges to blackmail, bank fraud or another matter that will be handled more broadly within the realms of the criminal justice system. Just by having these initial talks, individuals can understand what potential risk or exposure they might face whilst being protected by disclosing these details to a solicitor.


Affirming Client Rights

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One of the key facts that a spouse might not be aware of are the rights they are afforded under the law. This can only become clear if individuals decide to take advantage of Unified Laywers providing a free consultation. They could have been made to believe by the other spouse that they have no visitation rights, that there is a restraining order already issued or that certain debt and household assets are listed in their name when they have not been. Clarifying those details is of paramount importance.


Understanding Circumstances of Other Spouse

Couples who have recently separated already know a great deal of information about their former partner. Yet engaging with family lawyers in Sydney providing a free consultation can help to clarify some key details about their status, their frame of mind and potential future maneuvers in the legal system. Just with the admission of a few details about what has been said, what has occurred and any paperwork that has been filed, solicitors can begin to develop a picture and present some scenarios about likely and unlikely future actions.


Using Contacts For Specialist Help

Family lawyers in Sydney providing a free consultation might not end up being the right party to oversee a legal matter of this type. If there is a case of domestic abuse or there are circumstances where a spouse has moved out of the city limits, then that can be a setting where other professionals should intervene. It could also introduce mental health experts for feelings of depression and anxiety to real estate agents to place a premises on the market for sale. These firms are in a position to make a judgment on what is required and engage that next action as soon as possible.


Expertise at Zero Cost

When discussing whether or not a client can gain anything from family lawyers in Sydney providing a free consultation, the free element should not be lost on citizens. These professionals usually come at a premium when accessing their expertise, outlining options and gathering evidence that will help provide a satisfactory outcome. The fact they are willing to open their door and provide a service to the local Sydney community is a scenario that should make individuals stand up and take notice. Legal cases can be drawn out and incredibly costly, so the more information and progress that can be gained without having to pay for the privilege – the better!



It is not always easy to find family lawyers in Sydney providing a free consultation but when they are identified, clients should take advantage of these opportunities. Even a 30-45 minute discussion can shed a great deal of light on a case and provide a basic framework for future action.