How Do Corporate Flu Vaccinations Work?

corporate flu vaccinations

Influenza is often the cause for high rates of absenteeism in the work force and lowered levels of productivity. It’s an illness that causes thousands of deaths each year and costs Australian businesses more than $2 billion each year. Unlike the common cold, the influenza virus can linger for weeks and can make vulnerable young or old people extremely ill. Luckily there are proactive steps that businesses can take to limit the impact of the virus on their workforce and their bottom line. Corporate flu vaccinations are a great way to ensure that your workforce is kept happy and healthy all year round.

What are corporate flu vaccinations?

Corporate flu vaccinations involve workplaces having a specialist nurse attend the workplace premises to provide immunisations to employees. Corporate flu vaccinations are very simple to implement and take just a few minutes out of each employees’ day. The cost savings and benefits to employers are great and for a small investment your benefit can reap fantastic rewards throughout the year.

Most corporate flu vaccinations are designed to make things extremely simple for employers. Structure and planning are in place which makes it easy to prepare for immunisation day. Immunisation nurses attending on the day will get through employees quickly, for those who can’t attend the corporate flu vaccinations on the day should be encouraged to get immunised offsite. Employers can arrange to have immunisations performed as required by their workforce, a tailored plan will ensure quick and efficient shots.

What are the benefits of corporate flu vaccinations?

woman receiving corporate flu vaccinations

Corporate flu vaccinations can dramatically reduce the number of sick days that staff take off and can help to protect your employees from respiratory illnesses. Having a program in place shows employees that you value their health and can help to protect the safety of employees – it’s been shown that people suffering from influenza often have much slower reaction times and are at risk of injury. Providing employees with their influenza shots can improve employee morale and can help to boost productivity.

Influenza shots can improve overtime, absenteeism and replacement costs. Immunisations are a very cost effective way of protecting the workforce from the damage and costs involved in rapidly spreading influenza strains.

Immunisations are one of the most effective ways to protect your workforce during the winter months and influenza season. Immunising workers in their place of work is one of the most effective ways to reduce the number of people infected by the virus each year and contributes towards lessening the impact of the virus and the number of people it kills each years.

Employers that use immunisation programs will benefit from displaying good corporate social responsibility. Health programs are good for company image and show that businesses are taking social responsibility seriously. Good corporate responsibility is positive for the public image of companies and helps to attract and retain staff as it makes them feel cared for.

How effective are influenza shots?

Studies have show that the influenza vaccine is around 70% effective in protecting again the virus. Unfortunately, even when vaccinated, some people will still fall ill with influenza although the severity of the illness is often reduced.

Introducing a program in the workforce can help to prevent the spread and can help to stop those people who are vulnerable to it from catching it. Company-wide programs help to protect your employees and their families from the most severe impacts of the illness and from spreading it around.

If you’re considering running a program in your office or work environment then it’s a good idea to find local providers.