Is Corporate Law the Right Fit for You?

Being a lawyer is not an easy job and it is most definitely one that needs a lot of thinking and assessment before finally choosing to become one. Although it might be a daunting job with a lot of responsibilities, stress and above all else, problem-solving involved, there are a lot of Corporate law attorneys that thoroughly enjoy their job. What also adds to the mix, is the salary they make annually, which when compared to other professions, is above and beyond. So, for those who can take a punch or two while maintaining a smile and solving cases, corporate law might just suit your personality.

As with any career, there is, however, a lot more to consider before accepting corporate law as the right career for you. There are a few questions you have to ask yourself and take into consideration first and they include the following.

Making the Decision to Become a Corporate Lawyer

How ‘out there’ are you?


If you’re an extrovert, it might play either in your favour or in most cases, not. Being a lawyer, especially in Big Law, involves a lot of time spent by yourself. Sure, it’s fun being someone who is ‘important’ and other lawyers look up to, but it can get lonely and while this may come as a shock to some, most big shot lawyers are introverted.

If you’ve got an important job, you’ll probably be spending most of your time in an isolated office, reading a big load of paperwork, writing articles and cases and also, reviewing heaps of documents. To make matters worse for the ‘extrovert’, you’ll also be doing all of this from a solo office, at a desk, spending a lot of time in your chair. So, this job is definitely not considered as a perfect fit for the socialite, not anybody that like to be active in their job.

Do you like to read, research and understand intensive legal issues?

Now, nobody will place emphasis on the amount of reading you’ll be doing prior to starting to study law. This is, however, one very important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration as you will have to read a lot of cases and memorize them on a daily basis. If you don’t enjoy reading, then perhaps the law is not the best career choice for you. Especially corporate law as cases tend to have a lot of content.

Do you have a different dream than becoming a corporate lawyer?

This question has the same meaning with each and every career you choose but because it takes longer to become a corporate lawyer than most years, it’s not just something you choose to study and drop after 4 years of preparing for it. Especially because it costs a lot of money.

Always be certain that you choose your career for no other reason than that of your own and when planning to become a corporate lawyer, be sure that’s exactly what you want to do.