Most Common Offences Handled by Parramatta Criminal Defence Lawyers

Unfortunately, Parramatta criminal defence lawyers have to deal with a range of offences on a regular basis. These range from minor traffic offences to instances of violence and drug dealing.

Some of the major contributors towards violations of the constitution are drugs and alcohol, mental illness and a lack of social support/cohesion. There are a range of ways in which we can prevent violence and other offences from occurring in Australia, such as dealing with socioeconomic inequality, implementing good public health policies (including prevention policies) and strengthening local communities. 

This article will examine the top 15 most common offences that criminal defence lawyers encounter.




The most prevalent offence is theft. It is all too easy for a person to steal a bike (especially one that isn’t locked up) or to take something from a person’s bag. Shoplifting is also a common occurrence.



Vandalism is the second most frequently-occurring misdemeanour. The police frequently charge people who have produced graffiti, drawn on walls, keyed a car or cut car tires.


Alcohol misuse

Parramatta criminal defence lawyers often deal with cases involving the irresponsible use of alcohol. The underage purchase, consumption or possession of alcohol, the provision of alcohol to an underage person and the possession of an open bottle of alcohol are all common offences.


Breach of peace

Examples of typical disorderly conduct offences include indecent exposure (such as flashing a person), swearing at a person, and fighting in a public place.


Minor assault

The most frequent cases of minor assault that Parramatta criminal defence lawyers deal with include bullying to the point of assault, pushing or shoving a person, and physical fights between children and their parents.


Marijuana possession

The possession of marijuana and the smoking of it in a public area are the most typical offences that the police charge people with.


Tobacco offences

While smoking tobacco is generally considered legal in Australia, there are certain instances where it is not. The most common tobacco misdemeanours are the provision of tobacco to underage people and the consumption of tobacco at school.


Violating curfew

Curfew violations are common offences that Parramatta criminal defence lawyers work with – these include walking home after curfew or sneaking out of home after curfew.


School offences

Unfortunately, there are a range of misdemeanours which regularly occur in schools across the nation. The most common ones are food fights, violations of the dress code, class disruption, truancy (skipping class, skipping school too often, or violating a court order to go to school) and cheating on exams and assignments.


Traffic offences

Surprisingly, traffic misdemeanours occur less frequently than vandalism and minor assault. The most recurrent traffic violations are speeding, not wearing a seat belt and sitting in the back of a pick-up truck. In cases like this, you surely need the help of traffic offence lawyers in Parramatta.



Common examples of trespassing include walking into a vacant building, private dwelling or area of land without permission, and going into a store in which you have been banned from entering.



Parramatta criminal defence lawyers often get clients who have been charged with cases of being a public nuisance. Things like egging a house, breaking a mailbox or stealing flowers from a private area are all mischief offences.


Drug paraphernalia

Police frequently charge people with the possession of drug apparatuses such as pipes and the use of paraphernalia to grow or consume a substance.



Harassment is another common case that Parramatta criminal defence lawyers have to deal with. Offences such as bullying, making prank telephone calls and taunting others in order to provoke a violent response are all daily occurrences.