Reducing distraction in your law office

There are so many distractions at any given time when you enter an office. You sit down at your desk and before long you have people asking you questions, if you can help them with this and that and even personal things like how your weekend was.

Once you finally get a moment there is your phone, social media and the hundreds of tasks in front of you each with its own reason to be prioritized. There is an information overload in the modern world but each challenge has a solution.

Reclaim your time

There are two major distractions that people face in an office setting and that is other people and other things to do. Other things to do can be managed rather simply by putting together a list of priorities and not moving down the list until each task above is completed. Other people, however, can be a little more challenging to manage as you cannot just tell them to go away all the time.

Managing this is best done by blocking out a specific time in which you are not to be disturbed. Find when you work best and try to maximize this time by eliminating all distractions. This means knowing exactly what you are going to be working on and removing your phone and other temptations.

Reclaim your attention

Whilst often it may be others or other things that distract us, we are also pretty good at distracting ourselves. We may see something new and want to check it out or simply are not in the mood to work. Whatever the distraction, you need to find a way to refocus yourself as soon as you realize it happening.

Setting up time management plans is a great way to maintain focus as it gives you goals and something to look forward to. Working for set period of time and then enjoying a break is a great way to ensure you remain focused. This time may change throughout the day as you are busier or allow for more interpersonal time but it is important that you stick to it.

The second implementation to 100% focus is your environment. This links back to the above section on reclaiming your time but it is also about having a productive and healthy environment. If you need complete silence, try having a sound proof room or noise cancelling headphones. Ensure you have a comfortable desk and if you are distracted by what is moving outside your window install a blind or shutter. Create the environment that is best suited to you.