The Advantages Of Using A 3 Phase Inverter For Your Home

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A 3 phase inverter for homes is a good choice if you have the setup to support it. Homes in Australia will both use either a single or a 3 phase inverter. A single will be used in the majority of new homes and small businesses and it works by letting electricity flow through two wires, the active and the neutral. Electricity will then flow through the active wire only, whilst the other wire (neutral) will be connected to the earth where the switchboard is. The entire purpose of the neutral wire is to have a path for the electricity to flow back to the switchboard in the situation where there is a fault.
In the event of this, the breaker will activate and prevent the user from being electrocuted. In stark contrast, a 3 phase inverter will have four wires which act as active wires. There is one neutral wire which connects to the earth at the switchboard, like the single. A 3 phase inverter for homes is more common in bigger homes and larger businesses and the wiring is much less expensive than the single, with lowered voltages.

3 phase inverter properties

If you own a property that can do both a 3 phase inverter and a single, you will need to install one for each stage as network operators do not allow imbalances across the different stages. There is no size limit when it comes to which one you choose to install, however in many areas the network provider will only approve installations over 5KW after reviewing each case. Regardless of the size of the installation, Australia is one of the best countries in the world to invest in solar power.

What are the main benefits of using a 3 phase inverter?

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The main reason that people use them is because they convert the solar power which is received from the sun into AC power. This AC power is then evenly distributed all over the property in three different stages. An example of this is a typical 5KW single which would be working at maximum capacity in order to distribute 5KW of solar power into one stage which is then distributed across a property. In a 3 phase inverter, the same thing would happen with the AC power; however it is distributed evenly between three stages across the property.

This is much more important when using installations with over 5KW of power, such as a 6KW installation. This is because if the AC power was being distributed through a single stage, it could overload the system and create an unbalance. This is not much of an issue for installations of 5KW and under, however with higher power, the unbalance can become a problem.
Using a 3 phase inverter will ensure that these higher power installations are evenly distributed across three stages and there will therefore be no unbalance. For these reasons, it is important to look at your property to determine whether or not it should be using a 3 phase inverter as it will ensure there are no unbalances and that there will be no problems with the property and its system.

In summary, a 3 phase inverter is a good choice for bigger properties which will require more stages to evenly distribute the AC power across the home.

This is very important for properties with higher power installations (over 5KW) as it will evenly distribute it without creating an unbalance which would occur with a single stage. Solar power is always a good choice for your home in Australia.