Tips for smashing the Bar Exam

When it comes to the bar exam, i.e. the exam that makes you legally allowed to practice law, there is no doubt that you have been studying mad over the last couple of weeks. As the time approaches it is not uncommon to feel added stress or anxiousness.

Here are a few tips that will hopefully ease these emotions and help you to smash the exam.

Know that you’ve done it before

No, you haven’t successfully completed this exact exam before but you have already gone through years of law exams. If you’ve made it this far then you will no doubt be well prepared for the bar exam.

It is important not to let the length of the exam overwhelm you as the process is the same as for any other exam. You have completely many successfully before and this one will be no different. You should have confidence that you have put in the work required to date and it will carry you though well for the exam.

Prepare in advance

This isn’t stating the obvious that you should be studying well before the exam, but that you should have everything you need for the exam well in advance of the actual exam day. This means not leaving things like pencil cases and driver’s licenses to the last minute.

There is no doubt that you will be nervous on the exam day and the last thing you want is to have to be worrying about other things besides the actual sitting of the exam. Pack everything you need the night before the exam and plan to arrive early so that you have some wiggle room for any unforeseen delays.

Create your own bubble

Everyone else completing the exam will be nervous. This often means that you can find people doing some pretty weird and unusual things before the exam. Don’t worry about them, worry about yourself. Focus on you and do whatever it takes to block out the distractions. It may be worthwhile studying in a distracting environment a couple of times in the lead up to the exam for practice.

You don’t get extra points for finishing early

It might seem silly but you should use as much of the allocated time as possible to ensure that you have written the best answers possible. Don’t get spooked by those who leave super early thinking that you also need to do so.

There is always something that can be improved upon and especially your essay. There is always room for additional clarity and punctuation improvements. Take your time, don’t rush and ignore those who finish early.