Why Relocating to Australia Could be Perfect if You’re a Lawyer

With only 200 years of history as a post-colonial country and a population of only 20 million, Australia is a fresh country that has a lot to offer, especially to those with big hopes and dreams. Australia has everything, from the most beautiful cities to the most welcoming suburbs and everything in between. Also, if you’re an outdoors person, this is most definitely the city just for you.

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

The country as a whole most certainly does, but what about relocating as a lawyer to the land down under?

While being a lawyer anywhere in the world includes long days at the office or studying a case, it’s quite similar to places such as the UK and the U.S. when it comes to this intricate career but the entire feel of working in Australia is different. People are serious about their work but definitely know how to relax, enjoy life and embrace the moment. While being a lawyer is a serious job, Australia almost serves as the perfect location for such a profession due to the fact that it provides a lot of balance. Plus, the quality of lifestyle is unlike anywhere else in the world.

The Legal Market in Australia

Now, since we’ve established that your lifestyle and surroundings will be pretty amazing if you do decide to relocate, what’s it like being a lawyer?

The legal market in Australia is quite big and there is constantly a high demand for lawyers in most states, especially those with cities, but for overseas lawyers, there is a smaller market. These include commercial centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Sometimes there will be employment available in other surrounding cities and areas, but you’re much more likely to land a job in one of Australia’s main cities.

Your best bet of landing a job will be at law firms that specialize in various different expertise. These include finance, banking, corporate or commercial law, resources, different projects, litigation, IT, IP, telecommunication and construction. These fields of law are considered skills that are in much higher demand than tax, employment law, property, personal injury, family/ domestic and criminal law.

You will come to find that the size of the law firms you are applying to are much smaller than those overseas. Perhaps the offer will also be a little bit smaller, but there is a quality of work combined with lifestyle in Australia that can’t be compared to anywhere else in the world. Other then that, if you’re looking to create connections, especially with individuals that are successful, Australia is also a great fit for you.

Australian Salaries

Australian Salaries

In general, Australian salaries tend to be above average and the same goes for law. Australia has evolved to a point of being directly compared to the same value of salaries in London.

If you’re relocating to one of the country’s major cities, you could earn between $75,000 and $300,000 annually, depending on your level of qualification, experience and status.

With an average work week of 49 hours a week, the country itself will allow you to continue with an even more amazing career and ensure you get some necessary TLC.